Bonuses and Promos Terms and Conditions

How Casino Bonuses Work

In order to help facilitate an easier understanding of how our casino bonuses and offers work, we have put together a short list of certain words and terms that you need to familiarize yourself with before starting to play for real money.Here is a brief look at these terms and their respective meanings as per the casino bonuses and offers at
  • Bonus Balance: This refers to any bonus winnings that haven’t met wagering requirements on our site and bonus money received in your account.
  • Cash Balance: This is any balance that is available on your account for immediate withdrawal by the player and/or user. The cash balance usually consists of accumulated winnings, deposited funds and bonus money that haven’t met wagering requirements on our site.
  • Total Balance: This is the sum total of the cash plus bonus balances in your account.
  • Wagering requirements: This refers to the amount of money a player needs to bet in order to release it for withdrawal and the total sum winnings into Cash Balance.

Why are wagering requirements used?

To help prevent possible fraud cases and abuse of bonuses, we emply a set of wagering requirements to assist our valued customers.Without these requirements, anonymous users could potentially request payments or get a bonus without playing which defeats the logic and fundamentals of operating online casinos and gaming sites.

Our Standard Promotions

Welcome Bonus
  • You will receive a 200% first-deposit bonus when you create a real money account with us! This allows your first bankroll at to increase up to $1000.
  • Wagering Requirements: You must risk your deposit amount and your bonus amount multiplied by the number of required rollovers before you can request your payout.

Calculating Rollover For This Bonus

 This is an example only. Deposit amount can vary.
  • Deposit: $200
  • Bonus: $200
  • Rollover = 30x
  • Casino Wagering Requirement Before Withdraw:$200 x 1 = $200
  • Casino Rollover Required on Bonus Only = $400 400 x 30 = $12,000

Enjoying Free Spin Bonus

  • Slot players are often rewarded free spin bonuses.
  • No deposits are required to get the free spins, unless stated otherwise.
  • Any money won when using the free spins will be credited to your account as bonus money (usually thirty times wagering requirement).

Enjoying No-deposit Bonus

  • Unless stated otherwise, no-deposit bonus money can be used with all casino games.
  • The wagering requirement for the no-deposit bonus money is usually Thirty (30) times the amount you have received.
  • A maximum of $100 from no deposit bonuses may be withdrawn at any time. However, any amount that exceeds this figure will be lost once a withdrawal is requested.

Enjoying Tournament Winnings and Bonuses

  • Unless otherwise stated, cash won when playing in tournaments will be credited to your account as bonus money,.
  • The wagering requirement for the tournament winnings and bonuses is also 30 times the amount you have received.

Bonuses Terms and Condition

 Since our promotions are usually unique, there is no need to add any promotion code when making your first and subsequent deposits. In essence, all you need to do is make the deposit and our system will ensure that any relevant rollover requirements are taken care of based on the following terms:
    • All special offers, bonuses, and promotions are subject to specific terms and conditions in the site. Any additional bonus that is credited to a player must be used in accordance with these terms. reserves the right to modify or remove any bonus, special offer and/or promotion at any given time, including any terms and conditions that rule over these promotions.
    • If we find any reason to believe that a player is abusing or attempting to abuse any bonus, reserves the right to withhold, cancel or prevent users from receiving the bonus, special offer or promotion in question. also reserves the right to revoke any related policy with respect to the player in question, or even going as far as closing/blocking the player’s access to his/her account.
    • Unless specifically stated otherwise, the minimum amount of deposit money required for eligibility to any bonus is $100.
    • Players using proxies or virtual private networks (VPNs) to participate in jackpots, tournaments and games that they would have otherwise not been able to take part in will be considered to have breached our Terms and Conditions. And as a result, reserves the right to withhold or cancel all deposits and/or winnings for the player in question.
    • Similarly, if you reside in a country where real money casino action is not allowed, yet you participate in jackpots and other promos that you would have otherwise not been able to take part in; reserves the right to withhold or cancel all your deposits and/or winnings.
    • All Real Money Players are strictly entitled to One (1) welcome bonus. Players who make their first deposit, yet, already have/had another account with us, will not be entitled to receiving an additional welcome bonus, unless decided otherwise by the company.
    • All players are allowed to participate in a given promotion just once. The exception to this rules only applies for periodic promotions that occur repeatedly after specified duration (weekly, monthly, bi-annually, etc).
    • has the right to void any multiple bonus requests received from the same account, device, IP address or household. If we detect such requests and participations, may block the player(s) from being eligible to take part in a bonus/promotion event in the future. Furthermore, any funds on the account(s) in question may be frozen by us.
    • Each player is allowed to have just one account with, which also means that each offer from the company is limited to one per person. For clarification purposes, this simply means that you are entitled to one offer per household address, email address, IP address, telephone number and payment method (i.e. debit or credit card). This rule further means that accounts on shared computers (at home or workplaces) will also be treated as being a single account with permission to access any offer just once. reserves the right to withdraw the availability of any or all offers at any time, be it to one player or group of players, at the company’s sole and absolute discretion.
    • reserves the right to use and publish any player names on its website, social media pages and/or other affiliated pages in any announcements regarding big wins (like jackpots).
    • fraud and security department reserves the right to use the following information in the bid to verify a user’s identity: user name, e-mail address, mailing address, IP address, computer address, credit/debit card number and any other type of identification deemed necessary by the company.
    • All bonuses and promotions issued by, along with any possible bonus winnings from specific promotions, cannot be paid out unless the wagering requirements are met by the player.
    • The wagering requirement on all bonus money earned from incentives and competition winnings issued to players is thirty (30) x rollover on the bonus and the deposit amount unless stated otherwise.

Wagering Contributions

% Contribution

Craps, All Progressive Jackpot Games, Roulette (All versions)0%
Pirate 21, Blackjack Super 7, Pai Gow, 21 Burn, Ride’m Poker, All forms of Keno, Red Dog, Pontoon, Top Card Trumps5%
Baccarat, Blackjack (American & European), Poker 3, Oasis Poker, Single Deck Blackjack, Triple Edge Poker, Caribbean Poker, Three Card Poker, Video Poker (All Types)10%
Draw High-Lo, 3 Card Rummy, Virtual Racebook20%
Scratcherz, Predictor, Slots & 3D Slots (progressive jackpot games excluded)100%
  • Any attempt to get additional benefits or abuse bonuses or promos at will result in the suspension and/or termination of the player’s account.
  • If a player decides to withdraw money from his account before meeting the requirements; any bonus money received, including any winnings, will be forfeited returned to
  • Players eligible for a bonus or bonuses will receive emails/SMS from the company regarding these bonuses. Most of these bonuses are usually valid for a specific period, so players are reminded to check their emails for offer details and T’s & C’s in a timely manner. Only the recipient(s) of these emails or text messages are considered eligible for the specific bonus/promos in question.
  • If we decide that you are not eligible for a specific bonus/promotion/offer due to one reason or another, reserves the right to exclude you from that bonus program without having to provide you with any further explanations or reasons.
  • All bonus money (including bonus money won from playing in tournaments) expires 90 days after the money has been credited to your account. Kindly note that, if the wagering requirements for that bonus money have not been met within the 90 days, the bonus amount that has not yet been cleared as per the terms and conditions will be subtracted from your account balance.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all promotions automatically expire after 15 days.
  • reserves the right to cancel, modify and/or withdraw any promotion at any given time without prior notice.
  • If any of the company’s terms and conditions are breached, reserves the right to withdraw any bonus and any possible bonus winnings.
  • Please take note that players will be additionally responsible for any costs incurred as a result of breaching the terms and conditions.
  • reserves the right to seize funds held in any account to recoup for any possible losses incurred as a result of breaching the terms and conditions.
  • reserves the right to revoke and/or cancel bonuses that may have been obtained through the abuse or misuse of the company’s services.
  • Any player can exclude himself/herself from receiving’s promotions at any time by submitting a request on the same to our customer at Note that this action can be undone at any time by simply contacting our customer service once again on the specified email.
  • Each player’s account is made up of both cash and bonus balances. If you place a bet on casino game using a No-Deposit bonus and win the wager, you will receive up to a maximum of $100 in winnings (depending on your account’s preferred currency). In the event that your winnings exceed $100, you will only be able to withdrawal $100 as per our terms and conditions. This limitation also applies to a few of our other offers like the verified progressive jackpot winnings that are derived from No-Deposit bonus funds.
  • Only bets with Available funds effectively increase the size of jackpot prizes. The available jackpot prizes do not increase from wagers made with free spins, bonus funds or other free plays.
  • If we find reasons to believe that a player has been misusing our bonuses or has executed any other unfair advantage action in bad faith; then reserves the right to block, terminate the account(s) in question, and/or forfeit any obligations to refund any available balance to the player.
  • If we find reasons to believe that one or more accounts are colluding for an unfair advantage, then reserves the right to block, terminate the account(s) in question, and/or withhold any funds available in the account, including the initial deposit and/or winnings.
  • If you reside in a country where real money casino action is not allowed, yet you participate in jackpots and other promos that you would have otherwise not been able to take part in; reserves the right to retain or withhold all your winnings and deposits.
  • No minimal risk wagering options, like betting red and black, are considered as contributing towards any part of a promotion, including the accumulation of any points or any bonus wagering requirements. Players who are believed to be using minimal risk wagering techniques to redeem cash prizes and/or bonuses run the risk of having their cash prizes, bonuses and any subsequent winnings voided by
  • Re-Deposit Bonus Qualification: Players who meet the following qualify for a re-deposit bonus (must meet all requirements):
  • If a player has taken any withdrawal in the last 15 days, the re-deposit bonus only applies to the amount exceeding the cumulative withdrawn amount during the last 15 days.
  • If any pattern of “recycling”, “churning” (def. ‘money being withdrawn and redeposit in effort to accrue or profit from bonuses’) or “bonus arbitrage” (def. ‘accounts being managed in an effort to accrue or profit from bonuses’) is detected, all bonuses and all winnings from said bonuses will be removed from account without notice.
  • general terms and conditions duly apply to all bonuses and promotions offered on the Website.

“Irregular Play” Bonus Terms and Conditions

 In case of Irregular Play, also reserves the right to restrict specific bet types from contributing to wagering requirements and to withhold all winnings and/or stop any withdrawals. Irregular Play refers to –but is not limited to – any or more of the following types of casino play actions:1) Decreasing the amount of money you wager by 50% or more after a win while your bonus is still active.Example: Betting $100 on a game, winning the bet, and then reducing the stake amount to $50 or less on the subsequent games.2) Wagering more than 25% of your entire bankroll on a single game while the bonus is still active IF your account balance is over 100 units.Example: If your balance is $500 and you wager $250 on a single game with the aim of meeting a bonus wagering requirement.The wagering behavior described in the examples above is not consistent to be in line with the behavior of recreational players, and is, therefore, considered as an act of “ Bonus Fishing” otherwise known as “ Professional Bonus Play.” This action gives undue advantage to the player, where the betting pattern seeks to cheat the system into clearing a bonus wagering requirement and abusing a bonus.To avoid punishment for this action (especially if you did it unknowingly), a player may request the company to remove the resulting bonus from his/her account, which may include the removal of any winnings obtained from such bonus.


The following terms and conditions apply to all the promotions offered at Additional terms may apply for specific promotions.
  • Promotions are designed for real money players who are looking to continue their play and membership at our online casino. reserves the right to limit or even block players or player groups that are suspected to abuse the promotions or that have a previous record of engaging in abuse or fraudulent behavior regarding promotions. Any winnings obtained from such abuse will be voided and/or withheld by the company.
  • Most promotions can only be used once per player, e-mail address, household address or IP address unless stated otherwise. reserves the right to enforce or implement further limits to accounts that have violated this rule, including shared computers like in university campuses, public libraries, and workplaces, etc. In addition, if a player claims a promo or bonus that is not entitled to him/her, reserves the right to forfeit all winnings obtained from that action, though the original deposit may be returned to the player.
  • Promos cannot be used in tandem with any other offers on the Website. In addition, all promotional offers are only available for use by the player to whom the offer was issued. If a customer requests a bonus while having a pending balance or withdrawal, and without previous authorization, all the winnings will be forfeited and all the successive deposits will be returned to the player.
  • If a player wins a wager, the winnings will be paid into the real account balance in real cash. Once accepted, all bonuses are deemed non-withdrawable.
  • All bonuses must be used within 60 days after being credited to the account. If not used within the specified duration, said bonus may be removed from the account.
  • Unless stated otherwise, the wagering requirement for all promotions and related incentives is thirty (30) x on the bonus and the deposit amount.
  • If we cannot deliver the player’s winnings due to any circumstances, will ship, send or mail winnings to the registered address destination or requested address, irrespective of the player’s location or country of residence. reserves the right to offer winners an alternative prize or bonus of similar value (including a monetary consideration).
  • All decisions made by are final and the company reserves the right to alter promotional terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  • All Players must be 21 years of age and older to enter any promotional competitions. Any promotional winnings obtained by players under the age of 21 years will be declared void.
  • If you win any of our promotional events, you understand and agree that your first name and country of residence may be used in any publicity material released or published by